Dual citizenship Restriction: Time for Change

Colombo Telegraph, 5 September 2020 The draft 20th Amendment to the 1978 Constitution of the 2nd Republic of Sri Lanka, in its current form, lifts the existing restriction on Sri Lankans with dual citizenship holding elected office. This is a laudable decision, and also a long overdue one. In an increasingly interconnected and globalised world, it simply does not make sense to prevent suitably qualified people from accessing opportunities based on criteria of this nature. Pre

A Gap Unbridgeable, Part I: The Necon and Neoliberal in Sri Lankan Politics

22 August 2020 The ideas on a progressive and pluralist populism raised by Dr Dayan Jayatilleka on this platform, have been critiqued by Mark Salter, also on this platform. This is an exchange of ideas that anyone with an interest not only in Sri Lankan politics, but also in the politics of deeply divided places in general, ought to pay attention to. Salter’s article published on 12 August 2020 is, very much, a defence of the Norwegian facilitation efforts in Sri Lanka. Jayat

Dr Harsha De Silva as Leader of the Opposition

Colombo Telegraph, 7 August 2020 The 2020 general election led to a result that left many observers surprised. However, this result perfectly corresponded to one forecast, that of Basil Rajapaksa, the man who is considered to be the foremost brain behind the SLPP political project. The two-thirds majority on a family-centric political party is deeply worrying. It is even more worrying that from now on, the Rajapaksa brothers have carte blanche to move ahead with almost any de

The politics of SOGIESC in Sri Lanka: a year-end reflection

Colombo Telegraph, 2 January 2020 There has been no better time for SOGIESC advocacy in Sri Lanka. Like in many countries across the global South/s, SOGIESC advocacy in Sri Lanka has long been, and continues to be, donor-funded. In some cases, it is extremely challenging to not to make this body of work not donor-driven. Working with donors, and engaging with donor bodies in terms of the most pressing needs of communities non-cis-het communities remains a major challenge for

Liberals for Gota? Politics at the hour of populism/s

Colombo Telegraph, 18 August 2019 As the SLPP National Convention was taking place in Colombo, an intriguing dialogue was taking place on a social media platform between two people this writer seldom agrees with, but nonetheless acknowledges their commitment to their convictions, their experience in the political and media [and in the case of one of them, the diplomatic] fray. One of them was the editor of the Colombo Telegraph [CT], and the other was Sri Lanka’s serving amba