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Storyteller at Heart

Chamindra regularly travels internationally for guest lectures, masterclasses, facilitation and monitoring missions, consulting and other engagements. 

If your focus is on intersectional justice, cutting-edge intersectional feminist innovations, original and transversal content that comfortably crisscrosses national, sociocultural, linguistic and many other real and perceived borders, you are most welcome to get in touch if you wish to invite Chamindra for an event anywhere in the world. Chamindra's interventions take place principally in English and French. 

We have a range of tariffs for universities in the global north and in the global South/s, corporate sector bodies, political parties, and of course, for civil society organisations. A preferential tariff system operates for collectives led by indigenous peoples, intersectional feminist organisations in the global South/s,  and for trans and queer liberation-focused collectives worldwide. 

Given the current circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Chamindra is open to offers for virtual events with creative and interactive formats. 


Contact Dr Chamindra

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