Sri Lankan Foreign Policy in the New Decade

Colombo Telegraph, 9 March 2020 Part One: Managing Big-Power Relations: a story of rocks and hard places In this series of articles, this writer seeks to shed light upon certain salient aspects of managing Sri Lankan foreign policy in the 21st century’s third decade. This series is penned from a perspective of foreign policy analysis and management, with a strong focus on realpolitik and the challenges that we face, right here and now. Veteran diplomat and External Affairs Mi

The Day After

Colombo Telegraph, 22 April 2019 On a day after tragedy of unprecedented proportions has hit one’s people, plunging one’s country into a state of tremendous vulnerability and chaos, it is not easy to pen a word. However, it is crucial to highlight a few key factors that surround the Easter Sunday terror attacks and their aftermath. 1. National security negligence? In the admission of the Prime Minister himself, there have been prior Intelligence warnings about a terror incide